Dear students, the notification for the recruitment of Probationary Officers and Clerks in the Regional Rural Banks (RRBs) of India has already been released by IBPS and now, it's high time to start to prepare for the examination. The preliminary examination will be held in the month of August/September as per the official notification. Many of you would be preparing to appear in this exam for months while there must be a few students who are yet to start their preparations for this exam. In this article, we will be discussing how one should start her preparations for IBPS RRB Examination 2018. 

1. Be Aware with the Syllabus: Knowing every topic that will be asked in the examination is a must to start off the provisions for a competitive examination. Mere knowledge of the syllabus is not enough but you should also keep yourself updated about the latest changes introduced in the pattern or the questions being asked in IBPS examinations. 
2. Make a Study Plan: Once you prepare a study plan for a particular examination, you are bound to give a certain amount of time to a particular topic or subject. Once you are done with a particular topic, you are kind of excited for the next one. Also, when there is a plan, there is a deadline too to wind up certain topics within a certain period of time.
3. Work on Your Strengths/ Weaknesses: If you are good at a particular subject/topic, keep working on it till you become excellent at it (avoid the habit of ignoring it thinking you are good at it and you will be able to manage). You can apply JBClasses if you think your concepts are not that clear and you are not even able to clear them out on your own.
4. Keep Yourself Abreast of Current Affairs: So much is happening every day that unless you keep yourself abreast of these changes you cannot adjust yourself to them or tackle the GA section of IBPS PO exam 2018 smoothly and easily. To save your precious time, we provide you with an alternative that is our “Daily Free Current Affairs Quiz” (Available in both Hindi and English languages) that contains only the news that is important from the point of view of IBPS PO Examination.
5. More Practice: Practising with Test Series helps you ace the original tests/examinations. Computer-based Test Series for IBPS PO also help you save your time as they simulate the real tests and let you know you how to attempt the questions in a way that you are able to attempt the maximum number of questions within the stipulated time. It also gives you an All India Rank so as you can assess where you stand and how much more you need to work.
6.  IBPS RRB Online Mock Test: The mock tests are a kind of pre-test which is for practicing once the whole syllabus is covered by the candidate. Mock tests tell the candidates the level of the preparation they have and allow them to judge where they stand after the ibps rrb exam preparation.

7.   Reading: It is the second thing of IBPS RRB Officer Preparation tips. The candidate must make a habit of reading newspapers, magazines and other stuff which could increase the vocabulary and other English skills. Also, this would make a reading habit to the candidate which would help him/her in the exam. By developing the reading habit, the candidate would be able to read accurately with the speed which could be very beneficial for the candidate.

Now you have to work against the clock to succeed in the upcoming IBPS RRB 2018 Examinations as you are left with only a couple of months to prepare for it. Start preparing for it right away because regular studies reduce the level of stress, and the number of topics to be done does not accumulate into blizzards, hence provide the aspirant with a better physical and mental health. Best of luck for IBPS RRB 2018 Examination!! 


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