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Dear Banking Aspirants,
Below given are some brief points or SBI PO Mains Preparation Tips which will help you to understand the basic fundamentals of the exam. Go through the SBI PO Mains Preparation Tips to know more about which areas to focus more and how much time is needed to cover up the apt preparation for the exam:
 Time Management
Time management is one of the basic keys which will help you to crack not only SBI PO Exam, but many more exams in your life. Dividing your time judiciously will give you a proper time frame for each and every topic. Knowing that how much time is needed for any topic, you will be adept at solving questions easily and fastly as well.
 Focus on Grammar
When it comes to SBI PO Exam, students find the grammar section easiest. If you have a clear concept on the use of basic elements such as preposition and adjective, you can easily get through this section with heavy score. You need to spend only a few seconds while answering and hence, you can save time for the rest of the sections.
Faster Calculations = Faster Results
Since you have to solve the questions of data interpretation and logical reasoning in the examination, your calculation speed will play as an important factor. Knowledge of Tables from 1 to 20 should be by heart along with the knowledge of making faster multiplication.
General Awareness
Candidates normally tend to look forward to avoiding the General Awareness section. Focusing on general knowledge questions can give you the edge over all other students. When others would be working hard and trying to make the ends meet by minutes after minutes efforts to solve complex problems for just one mark, you would have already solved dozens of general knowledge questions!
‘Guess’ in English Can Cost you
When it comes to solving English section questions, you either know the meaning of a particular word or you don’t. There is simply no point wasting time after a single word and thinking that you can derive its meaning with some stares at the options. Again, do not play the guessing game.
Quantitative Aptitude Strategy
Quantitative Aptitude can snatch a majority of your time you have preserved for all the sections. For the Quantitative Aptitude section, you need to target a section of questions and try to answer about 25 correctly. If you are sure about the answers, then it is advised to cut out the complex ones so that you have some more time left in your hand to handle questions from other sections.
Slow for the Comprehension
Though there is a scarcity of time, you should always prefer to read the comprehension slowly. This allows you to understand the context of the comprehension better and you can easily score well. On the other hand, if you speed up reading the comprehension, you will be required to read it over and over.
Logical Reasoning – The Tricky One
Dealing with the logical reasoning section can be very tricky. One has keep patience as well as fast in making calculations. Though the problem may take about 5-7 minutes to get solved, you will end up answering 5-6 questions correctly. Solving 30 questions is more than enough.
Confused? Move on to the Next Question
The most common mistake which is made by most of the candidates in SBI PO exams is solving each and every question. When you are over-confident, you try to solve the complex questions. This ends up in time loss as well as negative marking.
Cool Mind Can Solve Any Problem
Try to remain as cool as possible. Getting anxious or stressed is a common problem before the exam. Over stressing can make your willpower weak and you might end up making mistakes. Have a good night sleep before the day of the exam and attempt the exam with a calm mind. Make sure that you have downloaded the SBI PO Mains Admit card and read all important instructions before you appear the exam.