Current Affairs / Current Affairs (English Language)

06 Sep 2018

Q.1: The first edition of the Global Wind Summit will be held in which city?

Q.2: 108th Session of UNWTO executive council held in which city?

Q.3: What is the growth rate of Indian economy in January–March 2018?

Q.4: What is the name of the State Flower of Andhra Pradesh?

Q.5: Who has been honoured with  'Santokba Humanitarian Award' by President Ram Nath Kovind for his services aimed at the 'Betterment of society'?

Q.6: Who has appointed as Secretary in the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting?

Q.7: Headquarter of Sidbi Bank-

Q.8: Mariamman Temple situated in which country?

Q.9: Who has become the face of Central Railways anti-trespassing Campaign?

Q.10: Vikas Gowda is related to which sports?

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