Current Affairs / Current Affairs (English Language)

12 July 2018

Q.1: In CAMELS, 'C' stands for

Q.2: Which cricketer has become the third Indian cricketer to reach the mile stone of playing 500th International matches?

Q.3: What is the present currency of Portugal?

Q.4: In how many languages value of a bank note is written on it?

Q.5: Which among the following not a subsidiary of RBI?

Q.6: FSLRC is a body set up by GOI to look into Indian financial sector. What does S stand for

Q.7: ‘Raja Bhoj International’ Airport situated in which city of India?

Q.8: Where is the headquarter of Punjab National Bank?

Q.9: Which ministry has launched the khan prahari app?

Q.10: International Population day celebrated on?

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