Current Affairs / Current Affairs (English Language)

13 Aug 2018

Q.1: Who is the author of Half Girlfriend Book?

Q.2: Biplab Kumar Deb is the chief minister of which state?

Q.3: Chris Woakes (Player) related to which sports?

Q.4: Which state has received GI tag for Kadaknath Chicken?

Q.5: Bunes Aires is the capital of which country?

Q.6: World Tourism day celebrated on?

Q.7: Recently Article 35A in news. This article is related to which state?

Q.8: Maharaja Bir Bikram Kishore Manikya Bahadur Airport situated in which state?

Q.9: Emmerson Mnangagwa has been elected as President of which country?

Q.10: Recently Barmuda Tirangle was in news. Where is it located?

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