Current Affairs / Current Affairs (English Language)

14 Aug 2018

Q.1: Nobel Prize-winning personality Vidiadhar Surajprasad Naipaul has passed away at the age of 85. He was ______________.  

Q.2: Name the Bank of India that has signed a multilateral cooperation agreement with member development banks of BRICS to undertake “collaborative research” in distributed ledger/blockchain technology. 

Q.3: In which of the following city, theNepal-India Literature Festival 2018 has begun? 

Q.4: Name the tribal language primarily spoken in India, Bangladesh and Nepal that received global recognition when it got a Wikipedia edition in its own script. 

Q.5: To withstand that heat, Parker Solar Probe makes use of a heat shield known as the Thermal Protection System (TPS). What is the thickness of this shield? 

Q.6: In which of the following month, India will launch its second lunar mission “Chandrayaan-2” to land on the moon with a lander and rover? 

Q.7: Vijaya Bank headquarters in ______________. 

Q.8: Minister of State for Culture (I/C), Dr Mahesh Sharma, released 3 books, recently. ‘Ghats of Banaras’ was one of them, this book is written by _______________. 

Q.9: Name the person who took Oath as Chairperson, Appellate Tribunal for Electricity, Ministry of Power, recently. 

Q.10: The Union Government has recently unlocked green funds worth over ______________ to increase the country’s forest cover.

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