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16 June 2018

Q.1: Which state has topped NITI Aayog's water management index?

Q.2: 'Dandiya Raas' is folk dance of which state?

Q.3: Which country is not a part of Malabar Navel exercise?

Q.4: What does 'S' stands for NHIS by government of India?

Q.5: Chittagong stadium located in which country?

Q.6: 'SMASH' is related to which game?

Q.7: Which Bank has launched 'Deposit Only Card'?

Q.8: Which conglomerates will invest $60 – $100 Billion in a Solar Power Project in India?

Q.9: Jerome Powell is the chairman of Federal Reserve Bank of which country?

Q.10: Which state's governor is the first to discontinue the ceremonial guard of honour?

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