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17 Aug 2018

Q.1: Salar Bagh Museum situated in which state of India?

Q.2: Polavaram Dam Project situated in which state?

Q.3: Bhindawas Wild Life Sanctuary situated in?

Q.4: World Literacy day celebrated on?

Q.5: Who is the current chairman of railway board?

Q.6: Which is the most liveable city in the world?

Q.7: Who has been given additional charge as a governor of Chhattisgarh.

Q.8: India's Highest honor 'Bharat Ratna (45th)' honored by Bhishmpitamah of Politics, poet,  who has recently passed away?

Q.9: Sheikh Zayad Cricket stadium situated in?

Q.10: Shubhankar Sharma belongs to which sport?

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