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22 July 2018

Q.1: Which state has launched 'e Pragati' Project in recently?

Q.2: Where was the 2018 BRICS media forum held?

Q.3: Where will be the 'Pitch Black' warfare exercise be held in which AIF is Participating for the first time?

Q.4: Bulls and Bean are term used in?

Q.5: Matalla International Airport situated in?

Q.6: 8th BRCIS Health Ministers Meeting was held in which city?

Q.7: 'SWAYAM' is a programme of which ministry?

Q.8: Which country has joined international Solar Alliance Becoming the 68th member?

Q.9: What is the mean of 'G' in 'SHG'?

Q.10: Where is the headquarter of Bandhan Bank?

Q.11: Zion National Park situated in?

Q.12: Chhilchhila wild Life Sanctuary situated in?

Q.13: Where has the centre for Climate Change been set by NABARD?

Q.14: What is the current currency of Ghana?

Q.15: Where will the 4th BIMSTEC Summit be held?

Q.16: Which non banking finance company received NABARD 2018 award?

Q.17: Which gas is called Stranger gas?

Q.18: What is the limit on the transfer of Funds using the Unified Payment Interface?

Q.19: Which state has abolished interviews for all class IV posts in state and the selection?

Q.20: Who was the first woman got the Nobel Prize?

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