Current Affairs / Current Affairs (English Language)

23 Aug 2018

Q.1: Itsunori Ondera is the Defense minister of which country?

Q.2: Reykjavik is the capital of which country?

Q.3: Which general of Indiana army has the United States Govt. awarded 'The Legion of Merit'?

Q.4: Who has won Rajeev Gandhi Sadbhavna Prize 2018?

Q.5: The new name of Naya Raipur  is?

Q.6: Bhavai Classical dance is belongs to which state

Q.7: In which year Space Mission Chandrayaan-I was launched?

Q.8: Novak Djokovic belong to which sport?

Q.9: EsoAlben related to which sport?

Q.10: Nota does not use in which election?

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