Current Affairs / Current Affairs (English Language)

23 June 2018

Q.1: Peter Thomsan recently passed away he is related to which sports?

Q.2: I-Hariyali App launched by which government?

Q.3: What is the currency of Iceland?

Q.4: How many times financial emergency is being imposed in India?

Q.5: BVR Subramanyam has been appointed as chief secretary of which state?

Q.6: In which state has the world's 1st international humanitarian forensics centre has been launched?

Q.7: Which country has announced its withdrawal from the United Nations Human Rights Council?

Q.8: What is the name of world's fastest super computer back in America?

Q.9: In recently B Sri Ram appointed as MD and CEO of which bank?

Q.10: What is the name of Stock Exchange of New York?

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