Current Affairs / Current Affairs (English Language)

26 July 2018

Q.1: What is the capital of Rwanda?

Q.2: PM Modi presented 200 cows to support its President's ambitious 'Girinka' in which country?

Q.3: Indravati Dam situated in which state?

Q.4: Desert National Park situated in which state?

Q.5: Which country will hold an International conference of female parliamentarians?

Q.6: Asian Games will be held in which country?

Q.7: Under which scheme has the centre approved the construction of nearly 2.67 Lakh more affordable houses for the poor in 10 states?

Q.8: Lavani Folk dance belongs to which state?

Q.9: Kargil Day celebrated on?

Q.10: The author of the book titled "Gandhi : The years that changed the world (1914-1948)"?

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