Current Affairs / Current Affairs (English Language)

27 June 2018

Q.1: Which state has launched the Mohanpura irrigation project?

Q.2: Who has become President of Turkey?

Q.3: Kim Jong Pil, who recently passed away, was the former PM of which country?

Q.4: Which country hosted the 2018 Anti- doping sports conference clean sport fair outcome?

Q.5: Peace on Earth is the message of which festivals?

Q.6: Which village Panchayat has passed a resolution No Toilet, No Bride?

Q.7: Who has won best actress award at Indian international film awards?

Q.8: In which state the part VI of constitution of India is not applicable

Q.9: Shri Mookmbika temple situated in

Q.10: What is the accounting year of the RBI?

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