Current Affairs / Current Affairs (English Language)

28 June 2018

Q.1: Pakaldul Dul Dam situated in which state?

Q.2: Which of the following banks will launch its subsidiary in India in Oct 2018?

Q.3: Where are coins minted in India?

Q.4: Which of the following Indian navalship will participate in the 26th edition of RIMPAC exercise?

Q.5: Sushwa Sawaraj launched which app that would enable people apply for a passport from any part of the country?

Q.6: According to a Mecrer survey, which of the following cities has been ranked as the world's costliest city to live in for expatriates?

Q.7: Baglihar Dam situated in which state?

Q.8: Jolly Grant Airport situated in which city?

Q.9: Who has been appointed as chairperson of the central board of indirect taxes and customs?

Q.10: Santali Dance is the folk dance of which state?

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