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21 June 2018

Q.1: Who was crowned miss India 2018?

Q.2: What is the national game of Canada?

Q.3: In which country the 7th Opec seminar is being held?

Q.4: Who is the head of the committee IRDAI has formed a panel to review the regulations pertaining to insurance marketing firms?

Q.5: Bank Board Bureau (BBB) was set up on recommendation of which committee?

Q.6: According to Forbes billionaire list Jeff Bezos got which rank?

Q.7: Till June 2018 how many Aadhar Cards have been generated?

Q.8: Which country visit President Ram Nath Kovind paid respect at the "Monument of unknown soldier"?

Q.9: World Yoga Day celebreated on?

Q.10: In Lok Sabha how many members are from the Union Territories, at present?

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